is what makes us progress

Understanding the core values of being professional is what makes us stand out from the crowd and deliver high quality video production.

Take the Cake Productions offers the right
platform for you the performer to be able to engage with your audience, fans,
followers using the right video for your needs. All we do is help you get the best of your performance into
film by using our experience in a way that is straight forward to follow and is understandable and easy to watch.
We are all from performing backgrounds ourselves,
so we can relate to your needs and desires more than just a standard video production company.
We specialize in digital media for the modern day performer.
Michael Dee

Company Director/Actor

I created Take the Cake Productions back in 2010, we started making comedy videos online and from there we have grown and learnt our trade. Today we are working on our own Web-Series and comedy shorts. Also we film and produce digital media for performers across the North West.

Elric Cadwallader


Elric as just joined Take the Cake as our in house writer. Elric has had a lot of experience working within the theatre. He will also be appearing in Morbid our independent sitcom based in a funeral directors. He is also looking forward to helping out with the writing process too.
Grant Ryan Lenton

Workshop Director/Actor

Grant has been working across the country with various artists. He has come home to work on a few projects, one of them being Morbid an independent sitcom. Grant has had a lot of experience working alongside other actors. He wants to bring his skills to Take the Cake to help improve our rehearsals for our next production. He will also be playing the role of Dave in Morbid.

How we're different

We are a small independent video production company that produces a wide range of comedy styles, we have recently just finished filming our first ever comedy web-series called Scariest Places which was a spoof of Most Haunted. The show received a huge amount of support within it’s respected field and we aim to release a spin off show called Merrick Alora’s Ghost Towns. we work alongside industry standard professionals and we aim to achieve the best in online media.
We don’t want to change the world, we just want to make it laugh
We are performers aswell, so why not choose us for your video production. We understand from your point of view what’s important when it comes to capturing the right moment on film.
We take our time when it comes to capturing the best scenes. Why rush when you can spend time focusing getting the right shot for you and your project.
Our editing techniques are constantly improving, We pride ourselves on putting in enough time and effort to making a standard shot stand out for the world stage. If its not right first time, we go back to the drawing board and start again, until its right. from colour grading to cropping and retiming. We make sure that you get the best shot for your project.
Giving you a final project is what makes us smile, we enjoy being able to give you a cinematic video that will not only stand out but will be recognised within the industry.

Our History

Strong Points

Film Production
Editing - Final Cut Pro X
Design Work - PhotoShop CS6
We began back in 2010 filming short sketches in a spare bedroom. At the time all we had was mobile phones to capture our work, dreaming of a day when we would have enough money to buy our first camera. That was 5 years ago now, and we can look back and say to ourselves. Well we achieved that in our first year. A year later we upgraded to a more advanced camera and started saving for lighting and sound equipment. Once we had that we then ventured into live shows in Chester, working toe comedy circuit, performing some of the sketches we created online.
Now we have just finished our first ever Web-Series called Scariest Places, an online show that captivated over 4,000 fans. Since then we have gone back to the drawing board to produce a follow up to the successful series called Merrick Alora’s Ghost Towns. This will draw an end to the franchise. Our ambition is to keep learning and improving as we go along and eventually be one of the countries best loved comedy providers. We want to give young talent a chance to showcase their work using our social outlets. Working together as a creative collective and introducing home grown talent from across the uk to hopefully go on to successful comedy careers.
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Our Work

Over the last year we have been working on Scariest Places, a comedy show based on the hit paranormal program, Most Haunted. It hit great heights and also had cameo appearances from Derek Acorah, Richard Felix and Simon Entwistle. The Series came to an end in August 2015, but the story isn’t over yet.
Merrick Alora and the cast of  Scariest Places reunite in a two part special called Merrick Alora’s Ghost Towns. this two part special will follow the aftermath of the days after Scariest Places. What will happen to Merrick as he faces his own mortality. Both Web-series can be found on our YouTube page under playlists.


Morbid an independent sitcom is about to be filmed. But I bet you’re asking yourself, what is Morbid? Well its a sitcom based around a failing funeral directors. What could possibly go wrong?

Morbid: An independent sitcom

What could go wrong in a failing funeral directors?

MORBID has been a project in the making since 2009. A script that was written nearly 8 years ago has finally come to fruition.

Based around a brother and sister who sadly loose their parents in the first episode. They suddenly realise, that it’s their turn to keep the family business afloat and stop it from becoming a laughing stock.

Hiring two funeral directors is first on the agenda, but will they choose wisely when it comes to picking the right candidates?

Finding a replacement hearse at such short notice, leaves the siblings at a rocky start. But maybe their first funeral will run smoothly and maybe things won’t go so wrong after all. Or will they?


We offer a wide range of services, but to make it easier for you to choose, we have these packages available.

4X Hours Filming

£25 Per Hour Edit

2X Revisions

This package is great for small budget projects.


1x Days Filming

£25 Per Hour Edit

2X Revisions

This package is great for actors, singers looking to get

high quality digital media for their online profiles.

We film showreels, actors monologues, dancers audition

videos and much more.

The Works

1x Days Filming

Editing all Inclusive

4X Revisions

This package is great for actors, singers looking to get

high quality digital media for online profiles.

We film showreels, actors monologues, dancers audition

videos and much more.

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