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Let’s be honest, video can make you some serious money. Whether you use it on your Website, YouTube or your Social Media there’s no hiding the fact that it has become a very powerful tool.

Adding a simple product video on your homepage could increase potential sales by 80%.

You’re also 53 times more likely show up at the top of Google Search Results if you have a video on your website. Since Google owns YouTube there has been a big increase in how video affects your search engine ranking.

YouTubers have become some of the most powerful social media figures, making the most video to promote brands and individuals. If you are serious about content marketing, you must also be serious about video.


In modern marketing getting the message across to your customer that you are the perfect solution for them means standing out from others in your niche. Video is a great way to achieve this and you get benefits like:

  • Higher levels of engagement and Social Sharing
  • An Enhanced User Experience
  • Gain trust with potential customers
  • Higher sales conversions
  • Convey your Brand personality

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth millions!

While video marketing isn’t new it is proving to be a powerful, cost effective, modern way engage with new clients.

Who is Michael David Roberts

Filmmaker, Video Coach, Actor, Screenwriter

Hi, my name is Michael! I’m a filmmaker and Video coach from Ellesmere Port, Wirral and I’ve spent the last 10 years working within Film and Television. I first created my business back in 2012 when I had a burning desire to create my own video content. In 2017 I wrote,  filmed, produced and performed in my own Sitcom called Morbid, set in a Funeral home.

From there I learnt the skills to story tell for the art of video and how to showcase a simple idea in a cinematic way. Video has become a very big part of my life and I have a true passion to see other people embrace their own video journeys.

Michael, Campervan Life

Being self employed has pushed me on to follow my dreams and incorprate my personal passions into my working life. I own a 1997 Volkswagen Transporter Campervan which enables me to travel the country, working on many differnt projects.

Having a good work life balance gives me a great headspace to be creative and focus on creating engaging content.

The importance of video has helped me grow my business over the last 10 years and I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for my drive and consistency to create weekly videos.

Whether you’re looking for somebody to film, edit and distribute your content for your Website or Social Media or you would like me to teach you how to embrace making video for yourself, I can help you.

Video deosn’t have to be exspensive, there are always options. Managing expectations and being realistic is key to finding out what style of video will work for you.

I’m always happy to have a free, no obligation discussion about what would be best for your business. Just book a discovery call and let’s chat.

Filming with clients in liverpool

Latest Testimonial

After working with Michael from Take the Cake Productions, Molly wanted to talk on camera about her experiences working together.

Molly hired Michael to film some video content for her social media accounts and after a FREE planning session, Michael and Molly came up with a plan to film 52 videos for a series YouTube videos. These videos focused on giving value and guidance as an executive coach.

These videos have since been uploaded to Youtube by Take the Cake Productions and go out consistently every week at a set time.

This is what Molly had to say after working with Michael.

Book A Discovery Call

If this is your first journey into making video as part of your marketing it could be that you just don’t know where to start. Book a discovery call with me and we can discuss your aims and objectives and you can have any niggling questions answered.

Michael, Filmmaker, Video and Campervan Owner!

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The first step to working with Take the Cake Productions is to have a conversation. No obligation to take things further. Michael would love to chat so give him a call to arrange a suitable date and time.