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It will come as no surprise that I am a proud owner of a Volkswagen Camper Van. I remember the day I bought it and it was literally the best day ever! I’m going to admit to you I got very emotional on the A55 on the way home because I’m just so overjoyed with the fact that I own one. It’s not perfect. I’ve come to realise it will never be perfect but it has brung me so much happiness, it  has literally changed my whole life.  It works so well with my business. It gives me the freedom to pack up on a Friday and come back on Sunday. I’ve been able to visit friends literally last minute and not have to worry about where I’m going to sleep that night. The pure joy of being able to pack my fridge full of beer and a little bit of food and just driving to the mountains is just an amazing feeling. 

I am very much an outdoor person and I love nothing more than to put my walking boots on and go up mountains. I’ve done Snowdon, probably more than 15 times. I spent most weekends in North Wales or Northumberland. I love to just park up and go on a 4 ro 5 hour walk and come back to the van, get the kettle on and just relax at the side of the road. It’s a feeling that, unless you’ve done it, unless you like that kind of thing, it’s hard to explain to anybody else that pure joy a van can bring you but that is one of the reasons why I push myself so hard in my business. So that I can make more memories because we’re only on this planet for a very short space of time. We have to spend it doing the things we love so I don’t live to work I work to live.

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