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I have had a passion for filming from a young age and this has been a major driving force behind creating my own business.

You may already know that I have a massive love for comedy and you may have seen my independent sit-com, Morbid. I wrote this when I was 19. I was just leaving college and these characters were very true to me because Ashley is the name of my real sister. Elrik, who produces the show with me, plays the character Elrik and Dave was somebody who I went to college with, who at the time was my best friend.

Before morbid I used to film a show called Scariest Places! It was a project where I learnt all aspects of film. I learned to understand how to light scenes, how to use a multicam setup and I had to learn, from scratch, how a production comes together. So I did that for about 4 years and Scariest Places was a brilliant place for me to learn my craft and to really get to grips with how to create film. The Show ran for four years. I travelled all up and down the country and we visited some amazing places like Warwick Pendle, Chester, North Wales, we went to a lot of places to film these episodes.

I get passionate just talking about what I do. I think that’s what makes me so different from any other production company. I care about the promises that I make. I care about the work that I produce but I also care about the people I have around me.

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