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I love to network! It’s all about building relationships for me, rather than about touting for business. The majority of businesses I network with fall under the Micro or SME banner.

I kept hearing the same question: “Michael, how can I make my Social Media videos better?” I began coaching individuals and then, after one of those lightbulb moments, I put together a workshop and successfully taught local business owners to improve filming with their Smart Phones for over 12 months. But why stop there?

After all I am a ‘filmmaker’ so I converted my workshop into an online course to make it available to everyone. I love seeing the Video Diaries documenting my clients progress, showing off what they are learning. It’s so satifying not only hearing about, but seeing for myself, the difference the course makes to a business owner.

I have been completely blown away by the feedback from my ‘Filming with Smart Phones Course’. In some ways I do miss being in the room with people but, on the whole, converting to an online version has enabled me to help so many more people improve their videos and I’m genuinely proud of all those who have embraced it. The next step is create more video courses and bring you ‘Fiming with Confidence’ and other useful things!

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