Case Study for Memoria Video Production Project

Here are some details of the Filming project we undertook with Memoria. Memoria operates the very latest in Cemetery and Crematoria technologies. They provide a sensitive and caring approach to dealing with death and cremation.

I hope this will give you a better idea of how we can work with you to create valuable video content for your business.


Initial Meeting

We had a discussion about which was the best way to convey a sensitive subject on social media. With Memoria being a crematorium business it was key to make sure that the videos where sensitive and informative at the same time. Memoria have lots of services that they offer and video was a great way to promote them.



When it came to filming with Memoria, the first thing we wanted to do was showcase the beautiful locations across the UK. We travelled to all 13 sites across a period of 5 weeks. We filmed various videos that where speciific to those sites. We also created videos that reached an audience within those selceted areas. 


Over a period of 6 months I worked alongside Frank and the team at Memoria. Breaking down the videos into useable short clips to be distributed across their social media pages. At the process Memoria ended up with over 90 videos which will help them grow their brand and raise the awareness they initially wanted at the start of our time together. 

Frank Meilack from Memoria talks about working with Take the Cake Productions.


Sites Visited


Effort and Focus

Working with Frank Meilack and Memoria

Working with Memoria was an absolute privilege. Over the last 18 months we’ve been able to film across 11 sites in the UK and create videos that showcase the work that Memoria do.

They wanted to showcase the different types of services available at each location. They also wanted to create awareness of the different types of memorials available to their audience.

Memoria has an incredible brand but they wanted to reach a wider audience using video marketing. Being able to showcase the work that they carry out on a weekly basis was a key factor in creating video content for them.

The first process, before the actual filming began, was to understand the company and who their audience is. They wanted to talk openly about death and dying. The videos had to make sure that we approached this subject matter in a sensitive and caring way.

Frank was great in front of camera and really brought the content to life. Speaking directly to the audience in a relaxed manner.

After my involvement in this project, Memoria now have over 80 videos, across 12 sites ,reaching an audience that didn’t previously know about the services they offer.

Memoria are very happy with the content that has been created and this has resulted in a wider reach on social media and an increase in awareness of their brand.

Video Testimonial for Take The Cake from Frank Meilack at Memoria.

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