Filmmaker and Video Coach

As an Independent Filmmaker based out of Ellesmere Port, Wirral, Michael is there to make sure that the whole project goes well and that you get the best result you can within your budget. It’s not simply about pointing the camera and shouting ‘Action!’. Here are some of the steps that go into ensuring the best quality is acheived for every client.



The best solutions start with a solid plan. Together will will discuss what you are trying to achieve for your audience and what result do you want for your business.



It helps to know what you are going to say in your new video and scripting the video can be hugely beneficial in giving you the outcome you need. Breaking down your content into relatable video chunks makes it easier for your audience to consume.


Storyboarding the video isn’t always necessary but for longer videos it can help you get a clear idea of what should be included and how. This can help us through planning your shots and angles to create a truly engaging video.


The juicy bit is finally filming the video. Depending on the project this could include filming interviews or a piece to camera, capturing all the relevant, relatable content, getting footage for establishing shots (setting the scene), shooting B-roll (the bits we intersperse in the video) and any introductions that are necessary.


Editing the video is the very important but often not thought about bit of the process. The process can include syncing of audio to visual, colour grading, cutting footage into usable content chunks, working content into a relatable story plus overlaying appropriate music, layering B-Roll and establishing shots.


Once we have created a complete video it’s time to share it. We export the content we have created into a final master video. After compressing the video into a usable size we upload it to a secure area and then distribute it to the client.

Start your Video Journey

The first step to working with Take the Cake Productions is to have a conversation. No obligation to take things further. Michael would love to chat so give him a call to arrange a suitable date and time.